State of the Lodge

Several Lodge improvements, upgrades and deferred maintenance items have been completed over the past 2 years and below is a list of these items for the member’s information. All of these items have been paid for from either Bingo Funds, Operating Funds or Insurance proceeds.

Lodge Room

New window coverings, new light fixtures, ceiling painted and floor re-finished.


There have been a lot of upgrades! We have a new ATM machine, Automatic External Defibrillator (AED), beverage cooler for back bar, Point of Sale registers (POS), pull tab machine, 70” 4K Ultra TV with 5.1 surround speaker system, 2 larger HD TV’s at the bar, wireless microphone for calling Bingo, and sinks in the back bathrooms.


Removed damaged/unnecessary sidewalks and resurfaced/striped the parking lot, new shingles on the peaked roof and new application of white reflective coating on the flat roof. All roof work was paid for by our property insurance coverage as the result of hail damage in 2015.

Main Floor

All lighting was converted to energy efficient LED bulbs, including new fixtures in the dining area. Through the past 10 months, we have reduced our KWH usage by 19%, and along with substantial rebates received from Xcel and Boulder County, we will have 100% return on investment at 15 months.


The following items are planned for upgrade/replacement as funds become available some of which will be from fundraising/donations:

  • Fire suppression system
  • Deep fryer
  • Replace rooftop A/C unit
  • Paint the exterior of the building

The Lodge would appreciate any monetary contributions to help complete these and other projects.